Upper School Assembly: Dorito Flavors and Council Vision

OCTOBER 07, 2022

“Everything is emotional,” Ms. Foster-Hinds began during a recent Upper School assembly. A picture collage of a variety of Dorito flavors appeared on the screen. Next to it was a question asking students to identify how they felt at that moment with a Doritos flavor. Students shouted out various flavors. After a few laughs, Ms. Foster-Hinds shared that there are a variety of ways to identify feelings; through emojis, different cereals, music genres, and more. She explained the meta-cognitive process, and asked Upper School students to practice self-awareness and self-regulation during their day-to-day. To conclude her presentation, she reiterated and encouraged students to identify, name, and own their emotions, and—at the end of the day—to let them go. “But in the middle—that’s where the magic happens,” she shared.

Following her presentation, Student Council President Nisa W. ’23 and Vice President Aashtha A. ’23 shared some facts about themselves and their vision for the 2022-2023 school year, which is to “Integrate more life, vibrance, and student voice into the structures and programs already in place.” Nisa and Aashtha explained they want to build off of the great work built in the last few years, focus on improving community time, establish more methods of communication, and bring more spirit and festivities to the Upper School.

“We want to make it the best year possible,” Nisa said.