Springing Into Action: Upper School Athletics Spring Season Recap

JUNE 24, 2022

Spring is always a busy time at Nightingale, but this spring was even more so for the Upper School Athletic teams. After two years away from the excitement of competition due to the pandemic, Nightingale Upper School spring athletics teams were back—and ready to work.

The Nightingale varsity softball team's season went the farthest they have been in the AAIS tournament in a very long time. With the team’s wide range of talent and strong bond propelled them forward to the fifth overall seed in the AAIS league. Senior Bella B. ’22 broke a record of four home runs during one game, and Lexi H. ’23 pitched a no-hitter against Packer. On Senior Day, the softball team played Marymount in one of the most exciting games in Nightingale's history. During the game, Abby S. ’24 made a spectacular, over-the-head catch in left field making for a huge out in the fifth inning. Nightingale ended up defeating Marymount 20-9, advancing them to their season-ending semi-finals.

For the first time ever in Nightingale’s badminton program, varsity badminton closed out the season as co-champions and runners up in the tournament round—a history-making season. Nightingale’s #1 doubles team, Genny F. ’23 and Zenna H. ’22, went undefeated the whole season, playing 15 total matches (30 sets/games), and remained the undefeated doubles pair in the league.

“The whole team of 15 members get equal credit for this fabulous season,”Assistant Athletic Director Chloe Grimes said. “Their love for the game of badminton, hard work, and support of each other was a pleasure to witness. Thank you Mr. Wangdu, Ms. Saguirer, and the entire team for an unforgettable season.”

In Nightingale’s varsity track and field, a new school record was set in the 4x100 by Amehlia A. ’25, Lucille L. ’23, Maryam A. ’22, and Pearl M. ’24. With a time of 53.62, this new record also brought the team to second place at the AAIS Championships. The school also had 16 NYSAIS Qualifying performances from Jane B. ’23, Ellie K. ’25 (two events), Jada C. ’25 (four events), Nathalie C. ’24, Maryam A. ’22 (three events), Lucille L. ’23, Lexie B. ’24 (two events), Ashi B. ’26 (two events), and Eloise H. ’26.

At the AAIS Championships, Jada C. ’25 won first place in the high jump and 100m hurdles, and won second place in the long jump. Ashi B. ’26 placed third in the 800m. Amehlia A. ’25, Lucille L. ’23, Maryam A. ’22, and Pearl M. ’24 received second place in the 4x100 relay. Nightingale received third place as a team. At the NYSAIS Championships, Jada placed first in the high jump and even qualified for the Federations in the high jump and long jump. Breaking even more records, Jada broke Nightingale's 100m hurdles, triple jump, and high jump record this year.

Throughout the season, varsity lacrosse grew tremendously as a team and as athletes and had a very productive season, despite navigating a few hurdles along the way. Improvement was seen in every game against some very talented and experienced squads, and our new players gained valuable in-game experience. Nightingale is also proud to share that one of our seniors, Erica J. ’22, is headed to Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania as a recruited athlete! Erica, who served as our starting goaltender since ninth grade, has shown a commitment to honing their craft on their own time and over their summers, and will be the first Nightingale player to play NCAA lacrosse in over a decade. Congratulations to Erica, and congratulations to Carolina A. ’23 and Liesl B. ’22 for being the AAIS League's All-Stars!